At the heart of every KRASH ‘Ready To Perform’ craft is our powerful,
proprietary 997cc twin-cylinder 2-stroke engine, the KV997.
The power-valve cylinder is constructed of A365 high-pressure cast
aluminum and features 88mm cast iron sleeves. Wiseco forged
pistons are driven by our 82mm stroke forged crankshaft fitted with
ProX connecting rods. Prior to assembling the crankshaft, all pins
and surfaces are nitrate treated for increased durability.
Tunable wet exhaust system features oversized stainless steel expansion
chamber and aluminum water box. Premium pre-mixed fuel is delivered
by our dual 48mm ‘Black Ops’ carburetors, featuring Mikuni internals,
through high-performance carbon fiber reeds. Combustion is controlled
by our DC-CDI that is programmed with three preset maps that can
take you from 70hp to 100hp to 130hp at the push of a button.

Want even more power?
No problem! Swap out our 1.2kg aluminum charging flywheel for our
384gr aluminum total-loss flywheel and send it!


The KV997 Cylinder is made from A356 high pressure die cast
aluminium and 88mm bored steel sleeves. It features 4 Auxiliary ports,
1 boost port, 2 Auxiliary exhaust ports and 1 main exhaust
port per cylinder. The air and fuel are feed into the intake through
the side of the cylinder at a 30 degree angle and wrap around the
crank as the piston plunges from TDC to BDC. The cylinders are
150mm apart to increase the inner auxiliary ports area for improved
bottom end punch.


The 4340 forged crankshaft weighs in at 7.8kg and gives the
motor an 82mm stroke while being assembled using
NSK C3 bearings.

Our rods are 144mm long giving our engine an ideal rod to
stroke ratio of 1.76. All pins and surfaces are nitrate treated
for increased longevity.


The brain of every Kavinci complete package is the KV ECM. Fitted with a custom encoded microprocessor this unit comes with automatic bilge sensing and capable of three power out put modes, 70hp-100hp-130hp making it user friendly for all levels of rider.


Our dual ‘Black Ops’ Carburetors stand 84mm tall, feature
Mikuni internals and are complemented with individual air pods.