At the heart of every Kavinci Motors ‘Ready To Perform’ craft is our powerful, proprietary 1162cc twin-cylinder 2-stroke engine;
the KV1162. The power-valve cylinder is constructed of A365 high-pressure cast aluminum and features 95mm cast iron
sleeves. Wiseco forged pistons are driven by our 82mm stroke forged crankshaft fitted with ProX connecting rods.
Prior to assembling the crankshaft, all pins and surfaces are nitrate treated for increased durability.
The tunable wet exhaust system features oversized stainless steel expansion chamber and an aluminum water box.

The Port Injection is fitted in under the reed blocks and the air is fed by our dual 48mm throttle bodies,
through high-performance carbon fiber reeds.
Swap out our 1.2kg aluminum charging flywheel for our 384gr aluminum total-loss flywheel and SEND IT!

Put the power to the water with our 148mm/12-vein set-back pump that is fitted with matching stainless steel impeller
and stubby tail cone. Water is directed through our 12-vein reduction nozzle to our 4-vein steering nozzle to
minimize cavitation and increase thrust. Lever actuated trim system makes it easy to pull
off back flips & barrel rolls, even on flat water.