What do my CDI lights means?

The CDI, Capacitor Discharge Ignition, has three lights, Green, Orange and Red. In different circumstances
the lights will indicate different things.
As a user the only two times you needs to be concerned with the CDI lights, the light colours or the light sequences is 1) in seeing if you’re getting power to the Electronic Box (E box) 2) in changing the maps or mode of the CDI. The rest of the CDI flashing etc. are used in diagnostics and you do not need to be concerned by them in the use of your ski.
To see if there is power to your Electronic Box your CDI lights will light up. If you attempt to start your ski and there’s no lights on the CDI at all, it will mean that there’s no power getting to your CDI box.
In changing the mode of your CDI from Beast to Beginner or to intermediate (Note: All skis come with the CDI set on Beast Mode) please watch the following video. https://youtu.be/mtzNpaPfNas
Note: When you are happy in your selected mode, after a couple of seconds, the CDI will flash the green LED. This is to signal “yes I’m ready in the selected mode”. This does not mean the ski has gone back into beginner mode.

My bilge keeps running/buzzing after my ski is turned off, is this normal?

Yes. The automatic bilge is designed to sense load. After your ski is turned off the bilge will cycle for 10 minutes trying to detect any load (water to be pumped out of the ski). This is normal. After about 10 minutes of the bilge cycling to detect load, and it doesn’t, then the bilge will switch itself off.

My trim cable doesn’t pull the nozzle all the way up?


What kind of Oil do I use?

High quality marine 2 stroke oil.

What kind of Fuel do I use?


Why am I not getting any power to my CDI or to my Electronic Box?



My Pipe (Expansion Chamber) is running very hot (too hot to touch), what do I do?

The Pipe (or Expansion Chamber) is key in the running and performance of your ski
(particularly in the mid and top end). If the pipe is not set at the correct temperature, then your PWC’s performance will be adversely affected. If your pipe is too hot (cannot hold your hand against it), this is not good. You will need to “open” the top screw on the black Centre Section. This should be done in 1/8 or ¼ turn increments. Then you should ride your ski for a few minutes and re-check the temperature. Once the pipe feels warm against your hand, then your PWC’s pipe temperature should be close to optimum.

How do I know if my tank has pressure?


What are the stock carburettor settings?